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Midimutant is an evolutionary resynthesis system. These have been around for about a quarter century but I think they've not proven very helpful.

There is another way to let the machines do the work: interactive evolution. Brian Eno thought of this in 1995 (among others): the system presents you with N candidate patches, you select the ones you like, and it uses your selections to think of N new patches to offer you. Basically it's assisting you in moving forward through the space of patches in search of interesting stuff without having to program them.

Interactive evolution works really well for FM, but systems which provide it are rare. And now for the self-promotion. As it so happens, I just presented a paper on this a few days ago on my system.

https://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/papers/evomusart19.pdf https://github.com/eclab/edisyn

It depends on your goals and what your modes and means are as a musician. In terms of being helpful, systems which allow the musician a grip on the sound are as good as one another, essentially. Inasmuch as the purpose of advanced technology being applied to synthesis is as much a head game, its also about the ingredients of the jam. Music as a substance benefits from all approaches; even the lowliest of AWM boxes can be masterfully applied, by masters of the art ..

EDIT: Great work, adding your paper to my stack of read-todo's...

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