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FM synthesis can generate a very broad array of sounds. A lot of the time you get bad results but if you’re looking for something that can make all kinds of different sounds that’s one option. There are actually so many synthesis techniques, you should download some software synths and take a listen. Really fun stuff

I think FM synthesis is really underappreciated for modeling acoustic sounds. It really shines for mallet instruments, but also brass and woodwind and even plucked sounds like acoustic guitar. By making operators react differently to velocity and other modulation changes, you can create very expressive sounds. However, it requires quite some trial and error indeed.

The idea of a modular synths is to have the potential to create all of that, FM, AM, Sub and more. Isn't it?

Partially/Depends. Yes, they aim for more flexibility, but that doesn't mean they necessarily do a good job of providing the things you want for specific synthesis types.

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