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Wow: tier 1 contains no ARM or other CPU arch. Tier 1 is only 32bit i686 and 64bit x86_64.

Tier 2 platforms can be thought of as “guaranteed to build”. Automated tests are not run so it’s not guaranteed to produce a working build.

We’ve been thinking about re-doing the tier system, as it misses some important points. For example, Firefox has ARM as a tier 1 platform, so if we find bugs, they tend to get fixed up pretty quick. We’re not sure the current way of defining stuff really maps to the reality.

It's pretty par for the course to have tier 1 be the most common consumer systems since they're the ones with the most bang for buck, and easiest available CI infrastructure.

This is AFAICT a rust developer consideration more than anything else? I think/hope that releases are gated by one or more tier 2's successful target tests?

AFAIK this is mostly waiting on someone to step up and provide the relevant CI infrastructure.

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