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>Though seat controls are listed as common use for it. Which with some occupants and cars with the seatbelt - would enable the seat to pull the driver away from the controls. So whilst not directly deemed critical - certainly a vector of concern in some permutations of seat/driver position (thinking large 4x4's driven by small people who end up having the seat fully forward and raised, as an example).

Combine seat adjustment with GPS position reporting and you could devise a way to make a targeted person lose control, without taking control of "critical" systems, exactly as they're crossing a bridge.

Suddenly I feel the urge to Faraday-cage my car.

I expect we will see that in a movie/thriller next year

I work in one of the big 3's there is significant push to physically isolate all the CAN buses. The guys that hacked into Jeep were ex-NSA and worked on the hack for more than a year to get it to work. I'm not saying cars are 100% secure, but this sort of attack will take crazy effort and maybe physical access to the car.

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