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Pocket: It gets worse the more you use it (reddit.com)
19 points by dredmorbius 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

We probably get at least one user a day requesting Pocket highlight support. Although we’d love to integrate with Pocket, we unfortunately cannot because they don’t support highlights in their API. We tell our users to use Instapaper instead which does have an API.

The Android API or Pocket API?

The latter isn't extensible?

NB: highlighting is far down my own list. But if the API doesn't satisfy your biggest expressed reader nead, it's the API at fault, not the users.

Pocket API.

We have a handy FAQ response that has probably driven ~100 feature requests :D


And to clarify, yo're not working with/for Pocket or Mozilla?

Several concerns, though hardly all, are addressed via a CSS hack:


Submitted to Pocket Nov. 2017. Not applied.

This is two years old. why is that posted now ?

Also I don't understand the rant about free software. If the author prefers free software why go with pocket in the first place ?

The issues almost entirely persist, two years on. (Author)

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