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For something pegged 1:1 with the US dollar a 1.4% decrease is quite unusual.

It's volume is 2nd only to Bitcoin per [1]coinmarketcap.

With your 3rd point about pricing changes, yeah correlation/causation, it's a theory that is plausible though.


You would think, but not for tether. I've seen it sit comfortably at 98-99% and even once dip as low as 89%.

If the peg was actually backed by anything then yes, that'd be unusual.

Not really no, it depends on how much liquidity of a certain type is worth compared to liquidity of another type. Given the volatility in crypto markets this tends to change drastically in different times.

Same as why lending rates for crypto & fiat can go from 0.0001% to 0.08% (per day for example) in a matter of hours based on certain sudden price action.

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