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I will be honest to admit, before I read this article, I didn't even know charging $32 million was possible for a website.

Brace for impact.


"The federal government’s Obamacare enrollment system has cost about $2.1 billion so far, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis of contracts related to the project."

That had senators intentionally shoving bits of the system into their state. They wanted more money flowing to the state, so larger numbers were a plus from their perspective.

They got to blame any failure on Obama, so why not I guess.

The thing is it's not just a website. Calling it that just made a better headline.

The website was a big part of it, but it was a lot more than that. The actual scope is roughly outlined in the article.

I worked at a startup that operated for over five years with a similar amount of funding. We had a web app, webpage, native mobile apps on both platforms, marketing, customer service, sales, and our own office that was pretty dope. We had something like 75 employees at the peak. I can't believe it either.

Super possible, but it's based on smoke and mirrors "scaled agile" and building stuff you don't really need.

Only really the big guys get away with it though.

Depends what website means - could be one html page or amazon.com level. It’s still a load of cash, mind

Bill more next time.

And some how that massive number didn't even include training costs, because the website never went live!

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