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This is why you need to develop in-house talent for execution of strategic initiatives. The consultants are very useful for helping formulate strategy and they are worth the money. But implementation has to be done by the organization itself as the knowledge and network required to implement an initiative is deeply organic.

Once the management had settled on a strategic direction, they should have hired key executives , managers and architects and developers. They should have then supplemented this taskforce with contractors or even outsourcing companies.

Let Accenture own the whole initiative from soup-to-nuts was dumb. Fire that CIO!


All they wanted was a mobile-first website.

Did that really require a $32 million investment? An in-house team could've handled that for less, with more trust involved.

Focus on hiring good people!

$32m isn't crazy for a redesign of a large ecommerce site. Consider the needs right out of the box:

* multi-language and accessible

* desktop, tablet, mobile -- doing this well requires pretty good design chops and a lot of testing

* handles money and credit cards, so requires PCI compliance -- there's little chance they're going to move to something like Stripe at their scale

* probably connects to a godawful homegrown inventory system

* very high uptime requirements

* integration with their analytics chain, to provide highly complex ad reporting and conversion optimization flows

* an administration UI that functions both at the global level and at the store level with complex permissions and reporting given the various management chains involved

Considering even a mid-tier dev costs order $200k fully loaded, a small front-end scrum team of 5 front end eng, a designer, and a PM runs you $1.4/year; a backend team of 10 also with a PM runs $2.5m. That's $8m over 2 years for a pretty small team and not super-expensive talent. I'd initially spec the Hertz site as over $20m to build. And that cost could easily rise.

All that.

I've told people who scoff at $32 million "for a website" that $32 million might actually be low, depending on requirements.

> This is why you need to develop in-house talent for execution of strategic initiatives.

Sorry but I've seen "in-house" code and it's utter shit as well. I work as an outsourcing developer from a Consultancy agency, and all the management is done by the client.

So, even if the code is all "in-house" that's not enought to build quality code.

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