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Lawsuit: Hertz vs. Accenture, $32m+ [pdf] (regmedia.co.uk)
5 points by noeltock 27 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

After Accenture put on an impressive, one-day presentation for the Hertz team that included a demonstration of the transformed Hertz digital experience, Hertz selected Accenture to design, build, test, and deploy Hertz’s new website and mobile applications (or “apps”).

39. Accenture’s code for the AEM component (the content management system that allows Hertz to create, edit, and change the content on its websites) was seriously flawed as well. The coding and file structure were not based upon the Adobe AEM archetype, which made the application unreliable and difficult to maintain, as well as making future updates challenging and inefficient.

40. Accenture’s Java code did not follow the Java standard, displayed poor logic, and was poorly written and difficult to maintain.

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