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Get the New Facebook Profile Now (facebook.com)
40 points by jedwhite on Dec 5, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments

The first thing I did when I got my new profile was to check the settings to see if it publicly shared any info I didn't want it too ...

Am I the only one who, after upgrading, noticed that it stripped out all my previously filled in information relating to employer, etc? I suppose it's for the whole "projects" bit in work-related things, but last I checked we have these things called data migrations. At this point, leave the old info as defaults and let people enhance it.

I find it hilarious because, while I don't agree with half of Facebook's public/private settings, I also tend not to give a shit for my own personal reasons. Just sayin', you want all my info, I try to give it, you take it away...

The splash page for this also reeks of Apple-esque design. Perhaps this was done in other Facebook promotional pieces as well and I'm just now noticing it, but I wanted to point it out for the hell of it.

Is there a way to revert to the old profile? I don't want to click "Get the New Profile" unless I can switch back if I want.

Nope. In the FAQ, it says "You will not be able to switch back to the old design after upgrading."

Why oh why don't I read more carefully!

I really hate the photo scroller. I would love to hide the whole object, not just individual photos. Every time you hide a photo it just fetches a new one. Really annoying.

Update: I had to press hide on several hundred photos for this to go away. Nice update.

Update2: There appear to be facebook partisans that think not having choice is a good thing? Really?

Why do you hate it so much? People can just as easily get your photos from your Photos library instead. Is it simply an aesthetic complaint?

The difference is as follows. The pictures that show aren't necessarily relevant to my life at this point in time. For example, I'm not very active on the picture front and many of the pictures that show are from several years ago. My girlfriend won't be that understanding when the picture on the home of my profile are with people from my past.

If it's in my photos the date and context are much clearer than they are on the main section of your profile.

> My girlfriend won't be that understanding when the picture on the home of my profile are with people from my past.

I'd say the bigger problem in this case is her lack of understanding, not the technological failure on Facebook's part, which most users should be acclimated with by now.

Consider my friend who is getting divorced. He is tagged in a lot of pictures of him and his soon-to-be-ex-wife. I don't think he wants pictures of the two of them at the top of his page.

Shouldn't he be untagging himself from those photos regardless (and deleting them if he uploaded them)?

Not wanting a picture displayed at the top of his profile doesn't mean he wants to erase her from his history.

(Keep in mind this is hypothetical in the sense that I have not asked him how he feels about this; I'm imagining how I would feel in his situation.)

As much as we try not to, we're only human. As such, it's very hard to justify, well, don't be upset, that's from a few years ago. She'll understand, but it still causes unnecessary angst, frustration. There's no reason to not have a remove option for the scroller widget.

Go to your settings and change so TAGGED PHOTOS OF YOU are set to visible to ONLY YOU.

Then these photos are suppressed from your profile and from your photos section.

You can click the X in the upper right of each photo and get rid of the ones you don't like. They're still there, just not on your profile page.

I know, I had to do that 100 times. I didn't want any of them there. I didn't think they were applicable.

I like the change, it feels a bit more like a profile and less like a communication hub. The news feed is where I can find all the random chatter.

I didn't know facebook was broken, so I'm skeptical about the fix. When people use a service for months or years and you change it, making them adapt to the new conditions (as minor as that adaptation might be), they better be able to recognize some concrete improvements to the new structure. This will motivate them to embrace the change.

It'll be interesting to see peoples' reactions to the overhaul.

People always hate the redesigns. Then, three months later, they revolt against the NEW redesigns because they love the current one so much. Facebook's kind of abusive like that.

They also usually cycle between adding new functionality, and then stripping down the designs to its essentials. This is more of an Essentialist design, which I like; I've been waiting for a redesign since their last one added all the weird things.

>I didn't know facebook was broken

IMO their photo support was very poor. Perhaps not broken but I'd "upgrade" to get better support for larger images where one can actually make out peoples faces in group photos, etc..

I like it.

I still don't use facebook much anymore though. Doubt this will change that.

So this is why they took out application profile tabs...

it was due to "low usage rates" according to http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/402

I don't really get it ... people actually use Facebook profiles?

Personally I almost never leave the home page ...

Perhaps this illustrates the need to revamp profiles.

I was thinking about peoples' usage of facebook last week and wondered about how often people used the news feed as their go-to page, as opposed to their own profile. I'd contend that it would shed some light on the extent of peoples' narcissistic tendencies.

how do i switch back to the old one? if you know pls.

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