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The real dark pattern is the propagation of antisocial behavior that spreads the idea that you don't owe society anything.

Society isn't the government, though. This conflation is a nice trick when arguing, I'll give you that.

Government is elected by society to represent. Yes governments are flawed and inefficient and corrupt at times, but generally speaking governments do an acceptable job at providing basic services to most people. There's countless examples of them fucking up but they get more right than wrong.

> Government is elected by society to represent.

Some people are selected by some other people, neither representative of society as a whole.

... to pay for public services you're using? Roads, schools, firefighters? Of course, I'm not happy with plenty of other things my taxes pay for (Predator drones, e.g.), but I'd like to think that can be fixed via legislation, eventually.

And if I'm not using them?

You're not using or deriving benefit from the existence of roads, schools, the EPA, or the FDA?

Most I don't. And many of them work against me as well.

Unless you've never been outside, eaten food that was grown or raised outdoors, consumed water, used medicine or medical services, lived in proximity to other people or done business with...well, pretty much any business, I think you're mistaken.

The servitude model: after all, anything and everyhting is provided by the state, so the state owns you!

What if you don't live in the country?

Aren’t roads paid for by gas tax and schools by property tax?

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