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I used turbo tax and had to file multiple state returns. They showed a few blatant pages saying I could maybe get higher deductions with an upgraded version, although I suppose I knew enough to know that wouldn’t be the case. It wasn’t hard to file everything on the free tier. They won’t let me get a copy of the return without paying anymore which is dickish, but they did say that would happen pretty clearly so it’s just a matter of downloading a copy while it’s available. You can upload that pdf copy next year so that’s fairly convenient.

The dark patterns are bad... but I really have no reason to look elsewhere?

Well except passing bank login credentials. That was uncomfortable, but hey, just change them immediately after as it’s a one time service.

> I really have no reason to look elsewhere?

TurboTax actively lobbies the government to make filing taxes difficult. So one reason to look elsewhere is simply to avoid giving money to a company that behaves that way.

If you reread my post, I haven’t given them any money. Their free tier is fine.

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