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This seems like a fun project, but it's not really anything special. Most software has either viable or superior FOSS versions (MS vs LibreOffice as a prime example), but games seem to be severely lacking in this space.

It looks and feels like a game from the mid 2000s. It doesn't perform particularly well, and there isn't anything technically impressive about the game, especially considering it's been on the go for almost 15 years.

It's very hard to get people to collaborate on a game in harmony without a clear leader. OSS games (and a lot of open source software in general) will always suffer from having "too many cooks in the kitchen."

I actually had GIMP in mind writing this comment - the tool itself is a victim of too many cooks, but yet manages to be a solid piece of software, despite it being clunky.

Another example is Blender, it's a bit hard to grok, but overall does the job extremely well once you get over the warts.

Even in terms of fundamentals, this game is a little... lacking. Default controls, graphics settings, UI, animations are all very early-noughties (that's without commenting on the quality of the artwork, it's actually quite a nice style and some of the assets are cool), things have evolved hugely since then.

That's been my experience with the other (few) FOSS games I've played; they all have an almost pseudo-retro feel to them. I guess the biggest reason to want to play is that it's FOSS.

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