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It's interesting to see a kids TV show around an environmentalism message 40 years ago.

And the multiethnic mix (which I suppose they could've gotten from Star Trek, in the genre, rather than contemporary culture).

Seems there might be an unfortunate gender-roles message, to the super-impressionable kids watching. In the naration, scientists are called "men". And in the first episode, I thought the woman was going to be the main scientist (albeit taking orders from the male captain), but the male boy is arguably leading the science-ing scene, with the adult woman scientist functioning as his assistant. Later, in the car, at least they let the woman drive (boy is too young), but the boy is still being smart and giving orders to the adult woman. (Though the woman later has a moment of assertion, when untying the captain, and the boy can't get a word in. And she does get to speak again in the final scene, albeit standing behind the man, and after the man and boy do the combat-ish work while she follows along.) And, since she doesn't seem to have the main scientist role, it seems the uniforms are probably actually color-coded by gender. It could be much worse, but kids pick up on a tremendous amount of stuff.

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