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Huh? SuperTuxKart was initially released in 2007. I recall Linux distributions adding a GUI in about 1994.

Might have been thinking of Tux Racer, which was 2000. Tux Racer was more like a snowboarding game than a kart racer though. Still well into the GUI age though.

2000 was a really weird time for Linux, in hindsight. KDE vs GNOME was getting into full swing, ESR was making all these apocalyptic predictions about the software industry and people listened to him, RMS was in peak "guh-new-slash-linux" mode (https://www.gnu.org/gnu/why-gnu-linux.html), and the dotcom bubble hadn't burst yet. Linus gave the keynote at Comdex in 1999, and Comdex was still a big deal.

It's good that that era led to lots of funding and popularity and further development of FLOSS, but in hindsight (to me at least) it looks like so many distractions and heated arguments over petty differences. I mean, it still is, but it used to be too. :)

Probably means http://tuxkart.sourceforge.net/, which I also remember from waaaay back when

Last update on Tuxkart - 5MB (the author apologies for the size of the download)

"" "" "" SuperTuxKart - 574MB

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