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There is no denying that this is cool and there are definitely modern day applications. However there is also no evidence that ancient people did this. There are plenty of ancient structures constructed of massive stones without beveled edges. Ten years ago there were a couple of guys who figured out how to use giant kites to move large blocks of stone, said that was one way the Egyptians could have built the pyramids. Great, but only problem with that is there are no records of the Egyptians building giant kites, so again kinda cool and probably a great source of fail videos, but probably not what ancient people did.

Yeah, this is neat but not a good explanation for how ancient stones were moved, many of which do not have shapes particularly conducive to rolling, including the moai of Easter Island. The article also talks about using varying densities of concrete to control the center of gravity which wouldn't really have been an option when carving from rock.

It's hard to see how this technique would apply to the very rectangular 800 tonne trilithons at Baalbek or the 1000 tonne statue at the Ramesseum, or even the 70 tonne underground sarcophagi at Saqqara.

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