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There's also been a remake of Colonization in one of the recent Civilization games, I think. (But not open source.)

I am still waiting for a good remake of the first Master of Orion. The science system was very clever and the absence of base micro-management left you attention for bigger points of strategy.

In most 4X games the technologies are arranged in some fixed acyclic graph. Colonization's founding fathers are different. And so is Master of Orion: the technologies are available in six ladders and you can research anything within a few rungs of your highest technology on that ladder. Each faction in each game has some technologeis randomly missing. Some technologies might not be in your game at all.

So you never knew whether you were going to get your favourite weapon systems or terraforming tech in your game. Or whether you had to trade / loot / steal it from other factions or whether you'd just not be able to acquire it at all.

There are some remakes of MoO, but most of them take their cues from the relatively much more bloated sequel Master of Orion 2.

https://web.archive.org/web/20181215171436/http://sirian.war... has some really cool write-ups and http://www.sullla.com/MOO/moo.html is a bit more recent.

If you want to play, make sure to get the latest community patch.

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