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I watched this as a kid.

From what I understand, the chimpanzee was pretty awful to work with, and would occasionally attempt to bite cast & crew.

Chimpanzees, like most primates, are meaner than homo sap. Gorillas might be nicer.

Chimps are one of the most wild apes and they are predators that hunt for sport, apes aren’t domesticated so a chimp will rip your face off just for the heck of it. A Gorilla or an Orangutang can do the same but as they don’t exhibit predatory behavior they would only do it when threatened.

So I would actually say that Chimps are the closest on the mean scale to humans because we are quite dickish and often just for the sake of being a dick since long term planning can make it beneficial in many cases.

At the other extreme are bonobos:


The black monolith picked the wrong apes...

If we ever uplifted bonobos, I wonder what their HR departments would be like?

Mellow man, mellow.

Not restricted to HR, I assume orgies would take the place of meetings.

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