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If you snore or have mild sleep apnea, you can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and life by doing something about it.

In my case I heard about Xylitol. Its a 5 carbon artificial sweetener that microbes will eat, but starve on. There are studies showing it can greatly help dental and sinus health. I tried the Xlear sinus spray to see what would happen and the quality of my sleep improved dramatically.

> If you snore or have mild sleep apnea

BIG WARNING HERE: equating snoring to sleep apnea is NOT the same thing. Sleep apnea can happen when snoring, but it is only 1 kind of type of snoring.

If you have nightmares and wake up in fits suddenly, it may be sleep apnea and you need to see a doctor and get a sleep study.

If someone knows you snore but you don't, you might be a mouth or nose snorer and a sleep study won't help. Each of those has a different set of solutions that don't overlap and something like Xylitol may not work for you.

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