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Looks amazing, gonna get some friends to install and test a network (internet) game. We’ll probably jump a few continents to get us all connected so it will be interesting to see how the netcode handles players with varying latency.

I wonder how’s difficult is it to create tracks for STK...

Seems like the typical way is modeling them using blender, with special objects and properties to mark game details: https://supertuxkart.net/Making_Tracks

One of the ideas lodged in the back of my mind since the time of Twisted Metal 2, is to stick a 3d map of my hometown in an arcade ‘sandbox’-style racing game. Might be possible one day when we get cheap mainstream drones with laser rangefinders.

And weirdly enough there's already a mod and a process to convert OpenStreetMap data into a track: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/SuperTuxKart


With the recent advances in photogrammetry software, you can probably do it with a normal camera drone. Have a look at Meshroom and OpenDroneMap!

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