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You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep–and It’s Killing You (wired.com)
14 points by dbrgn 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Work smarter, not harder, folks. The 996 culture will kill you. Burning your time with too many things, inefficiently, will kill you. If you don't draw a boundary around your rest, and defend it, you're gonna lose years of life.

Whatever you think needs you so much doesn't really need you that much. Turn off the lights and go the fuck to sleep.

These types of articles are everywhere and I wish they'd spend more time explaining how to tell if you're getting enough sleep

I've tried everything I can to measure but I cannot see an improvement between 8 vs 6 hours of sleep. I opt for 8 because these article scare me but I actually feel worse than with 6.

I don't drink coffee or alcohol and I fall asleep within 10 min of going to bed. Is it at all possible that I'm getting what I need with 6 hours?

If you don't feel a difference then that might be sufficient for you. I need 7-8 hours.

When I sleep only 6 hours for 2-3 days in a row, I'm tired and have a lot of trouble concentrating. I think most people are regularly sleep deprived and know it, yet don't prioritize sleep. I'm certainly guilty of that too.

If you snore or have mild sleep apnea, you can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and life by doing something about it.

In my case I heard about Xylitol. Its a 5 carbon artificial sweetener that microbes will eat, but starve on. There are studies showing it can greatly help dental and sinus health. I tried the Xlear sinus spray to see what would happen and the quality of my sleep improved dramatically.

> If you snore or have mild sleep apnea

BIG WARNING HERE: equating snoring to sleep apnea is NOT the same thing. Sleep apnea can happen when snoring, but it is only 1 kind of type of snoring.

If you have nightmares and wake up in fits suddenly, it may be sleep apnea and you need to see a doctor and get a sleep study.

If someone knows you snore but you don't, you might be a mouth or nose snorer and a sleep study won't help. Each of those has a different set of solutions that don't overlap and something like Xylitol may not work for you.

Only two data points in there: less than 5/24 hours is bad, more than 7/24 is good... Well duh!

I’d advise against planning s hectic TED schedule if your pregnant. Doesn’t sound like an essential thing to be doing. As for sleep I agree we need to get more but it’s hard these days. Too many distractions and pressures out there.

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