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I don't do the 4-5 interview thing any more either. If you cannot make a determination in 1 or 2 interviews in person - in combination with my work history and references then you are wasting my time and yours.

Completely agree with you, and if am going on a 4-5 interview step thing and blackboards are presented etc then I want you to be able to offer same sign on bonuses and perks big companies can offer.

If the only thing you have to offer is equity (risk) and a lower salary than what I was getting/market salary why don't I just save me some time and risk it all by starting my own company.

My girlfriend had 10 or maybe even 11 interviews at Stryker without getting an offer. That's pretty twisted

I have also had some dealings with Stryker and without getting into too many specifics I will say they seem horribly disrespectful to their candidates.

Wow, I honestly wonder how this is possible?

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