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Assessing the Global Climate in March 2019 (noaa.gov)
52 points by infodocket 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Everybody should take a look at:


It seems that 2019 is breaking all the records in how little of Arctic sea ice there is at this days of year (13.376 mil km2, 19th of April).

Does seem to be getting warmer.

And I'm happy to see that NOAA is still telling it like it is.

Not only warmer, but what we here I Scandinavia are experiencing, and I suppose people in other places are too, are weather that is a lot more temperamental. It doesn't follow the traditions of the seasonal changes as it used to do. Instead it changes like at the throw of a dice, which makes sense as a result of the climate warming up. I think that what people will be experiencing more than "warmer weather" is a lot more "crazy, unpredictable weather" that is "nothing like it used to be", which makes sense as a result of the climate getting warmer overall.

Yeah. On average, warmer. And more energetic, more chaotic.

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