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NASA’s Mars Odissey MARIE experiment showed daily levels 2.5x above the ISS, with spikes up to 1000x during solar events. Those are all low orbit measurements, but you can imagine it would translate to ground levels quite well.

Most of the colonization sketches from MS all include a multi-purpose underground component. The rationals for not building everything underground are the difficulty of doing it, even on Earth, and our lack of knowledge of Mars underground.

All that is to say that the first few batches of Mars colonist should only expect a one way ticket. We could obviously bring them back to Earth, to die from cancer here, if they wished to, but they might as well get morphine up there and keep on martianing, I know that’s what I would want to do.

Also it's a lot easier to send people there one-way than it is to bring them back, and there'd likely be issues with atrophy if we were able to do so. There's really no reason to design for two-way trips for now, especially considering that Mars One showed there's no lack of volunteers for one-way.

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