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Show HN: Mockit – Open-source app to create and configure HTTP mocked endpoints (netlify.com)
158 points by boyneyy123 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

Another alternative that I have had good experience with is Mountebank - http://www.mbtest.org/

It doesn't have a nice GUI like this, but it is extremely flexible in the information you can match on for returning your mocked responses.

Any plans to build from an OpenAPI Spec descriptor file? Ideally v3


No nothing yet, but did you want to create an issue explaining the feature? https://github.com/boyney123/mockit/issues/new

I can take a look and see what we can do

Tools looks great! I've added an issue here for openapi: https://github.com/boyney123/mockit/issues/5 . I have quite a few specifications in openapi v2 (swagger). It'd be helpful to support both v2 and v3 (as op requested) of the OpenAPI format.


I guess this would be somewhat comparable to WireMock? http://wiremock.org/

The GUI looks pretty, but I'm not sure how useful that is in practice for automated tests at least.

I've met these products mostly in the context of front-end engineers needing endpoints that don't exist yet.

Useful for QA testers too.

Yeah they look quite simular.

Yeah I'm not sure I would use it for automated tests, you kind of want something abit more "robust" for those tests. This tool was designed to help get people off the ground, but I guess there is no reason why you could'nt use it for automated tests etc. Not sure I would!

Seems like a more featureful version of something I wrote a long while ago to ease testing, fakettp: github.com/sethgrid/fakettp. Mine requires a json config and can act as a proxy, intercepting given paths and overriding responses. Not sure if I added dynamic response based on an http header. The post's utility seems really polished with a nice ui.


Yeah I will check that repo out and see what you've got.

Thanks, hopefully the UI is easy enough for people to do what they need to. :)

Really easy to get things up and running. Love the chaos monkey feature!

I've been looking for a tool like this most recently. The criteria where

* no java * lightweight docker implementation * self hosted

Funny how a perfect solution randomly pops up on the front page. I will check it out the coming week, thank you very much! :)

A similar tool that stumbled upon recently is duckrails: https://github.com/iridakos/duckrails

It's got some nice features like building dynamic mocks with JavaScript or Ruby, cause delays, timeouts etc..

Ha awesome, no problem!

Hope you find it useful, if you have any questions or feature requests let me know :)

Let me just plug https://mockoon.com/

The chaos monky is a bit agressive, throwing a stack trace on every request. :) I think it's a bug with it's implementation.

Ha yeah, maybe its a bit too much. Maybe some configuration would help what do you think? Some kind of threshold?

Perhaps a set of sliders for each type of issue which define how often they might appear. E.G I don't care about 500s right now but would like 50% of the requests to be slow.

Yeah, some interesting thoughts. I will have a think and see what can be done to extend the Monkey

It touched my heart :( I worked more than one year on a service virtualization project in my previous job with 6-7 people and it has never been used by a real customer because of really bad management. I am still so angry. Our product was able to scale thanks to nomad+docker and had a cool ui to configure services such as rest, swagger, plain http etc.

Alternative - https://hoverfly.io/

Enterprise Solutions - https://www.ca.com/us/products/ca-service-virtualization.htm... - https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/service-virtualiza...

We currently use a lot of API blueprint and drakov for this. But having options like monkeys in it would be a very nice thing! kinda thinking if there is a middleware for this though.

Yeah guess there is no reason why a monkey could not be worked on.

Here is how it works for MockIt, as you said its just some middleware


This is great - thanks for building it.

No problem, hope you find it useful

Something like this would be cool, and probably significantly harder to implement, for GraphQL.

Http://beeceptor.com is another hosted one. And it gives named endpoints for drop-in replacement for API base url.

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