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I was just asked about a python job. Where do you live?

What does your wife do? How can we help her?

Amongst other things, my wife does software QA and Technical Documentation. I've been meaning to post something here to see what sort of interest there was for that as a contracted service, and I've been in the process of building her a website to get her started on that.

Jollari's comment is especially interesting to me for this reason.

My employer's been trying to hire a tech writer for two months now. You happen to be located in Philly?

No. If telecommuting is an option, at least some of the time, we're only a couple hours away from Philly. Feel free to email me, if you haven't already.

If your wife might be interested in writing beginner's tutorials for some HTML basics, please ask her to get in touch with me. Thanks and good luck with it!

Unity is looking for a copywriter.

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