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Regolith Linux – A desktop with less visual bullshit (regolith-linux.org)
80 points by kgilmer on Apr 19, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 33 comments

Is there a way to disable gaps within Regolith? I have i3 with ubuntu and I love the extensions these guys have added to it. However i never understood the functional benefit of having them. My favorite part about a tiling wm is making use of space, not wasting it.

Hi mastrsushi, super-+ and super-- interactively change the size of the gaps and they go to zero. You can edit the i3 config as well to hard set them at 0.

I have added a screenshot to regolith-linux.org that shows a workspace without gaps.

Looks cool! But Gnome control center is kinda terrible. I'm on Ubuntu and if I want to connect to my bluetooth headphones I have to use bluetoothctl. The Gnome control panel is a joke and doesn't work. Same for wifi. The widget works but the control panel doesn't

Look into blueman; works great for me.

It's pretty good, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I haven't had those problems with gnome-settings, but I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.

I like the visual design of the desktop as well as the website for it. The choice of key bindings seems good too — I like that the app launcher is bound to win+space, because I’ve always mentally thought of it as being similar to apple’s OS X finder. The documentation seems well written and should get people on their way. Hopefully this gets some people over the learning curve of i3 and into a place where they can enjoy its great power and minimalism.

it's as if the heavens took pity on my recently jumping from debian flavors with desktop environments straight into arch flavors with tiling window managers, and decided to throw me a bone. baby steps.

i've had alot of fun with this for the past few days, i suspect i am not the only person who has used ubuntu almost exclusively since the buzz surrounding it bubbled up to the more normie/casual parts of the internet a decade ago. yeah i've played with debian proper on my pi, and i almost exclusively work from the terminal in ubuntu, but i still found something like the move to an arch distro, or manually setting up i3 to replace the ubuntu DE's, to be out of my grasp. extremely awesome effort here, and probably my new go-to OS.

Thanks for the kind words! Really appreciate hearing that you like Regolith.

Having been testing Manjaro because of its really nice defaults in the i3 version, this is also very nice config on Xubuntu. Perhaps enough to become a new Ubuntu variant, "Ibuntu" ?

I freaking love the idea.

Raw i3 sucks, you spend half of your time trying to configure Bluetooth, wireless multi-screen support, etc..

Now I use Ubuntu Mate with i3wm support and it's awesome, will try this Insha'allah.


I'm a big fan of an i3(gaps) distro, but it's somewhat humorous to say "without all the visual bullshit" and have compiz included.

I see your point. I guess my meaning was more about things on the screen, rather than a lightweight GUI stack.

Alright, that makes a lot more sense. Also I installed it this morning and I'm a pretty big fan. I really like the idea to have a hotkey to show the main hotkey commands. It's such a little quality of life thing that I think greatly lowers the learning curve of i3.

On some of the most popular GPUs (intel) you get reliable VSync without compositor because synchronization logic has been removed from the chip. And while some tolerate tearing, many don't

Well, turning on TearFree option as advised by the Arch Wiki did solve tearing on my old HD5500.

This is really exciting, and something I am definitely gonna have to try.

It’s basically the custom setup I have right now, with a few enhancements (a better wallpaper manager, better settings management, and st instead of gnome-terminal, although never having tried st I’m not sure if that’s an improvement or not).

Great effort by the creators.

Does anyone know if there's something like this, but with sway and full wayland instead?

Install Ubuntu minimal, build sway, install the packages they are using for system configuration and basically you're done

I'm excited about this and am looking forward to giving it a try. I've been looking for a minimalistic Xubuntu alternative recently -- not unhappy with the latter besides minor grievances, but it's getting boring (perhaps a good thing).

Great! Would love to get feedback on your experience!

One concern I have is that since I run my Linux instance in a VM inside Windows, I prefer super being mapped to Alt as opposed to Win. Is this possible in Regolith? Also are vim hjkl keybindings available for window management?

Hi addicted, yes you can do both of those things by editing the i3 config file. Details on the internals page of the site.

Anybody knows how to set up the `Mod + ?` shortcut to bring the shortcuts? Do they use a script for this?

Mod + / should bring up the shortcuts xisukar. The i3 config file binds to those keys and toggle launches conky. If it's not working for you please file an issue.

huh? switching distros for a theme?

While I agree that Regolith is mostly "skin deep", there are some aspects that transcend just theming, for example gnome integration. Regolith is not intended as a replacement for those happy and comfortable with building packages from source and hand tweaking configuration.

i3 is more than just a theme. It’s a different way of working altogether, with a focus on keyboard based productivity.

I’m getting errors trying to add the repo to 19.04. Any updates?

Operating desktop of choice for the new Lunar Earth Defense Missile Battery,


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