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Yes declarative knowledge is totally overrated. Procedural knowledge is the hard part.

I think the "elites", who are of lower intelligence[1] and only fit for parroting half understood declarative knowledge, have successfully managed to manipulate public opinion that declarative knowledge is superior to actually knowing how something works.

[1] They have high psychological/manipulative intelligence though, which is needed to convince others to do the actual work.

I'm always cautious about making assumptions of "intelligence" from the outside, for people who have expertise or experience that I don't have.

Back in the Reagan days, it came out that his presidential decision-making process for most things was to get it on a one-page memo with a yes/no checkbox. Boy howdy, did we have a lot of fun mocking that idiot who didn't know what he was signing! A lifetime later, I've come to realize that was a brilliant strategy on his part. He didn't waste time on deep study of every little thing that needed his decisions all the time. He surrounded himself with trusted advisors who could neatly sum up the pros and cons for him, so he could focus on the decision, not the analysis.

I thought Reagan was an idiot, because I was an idiot.

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