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"My bottom line is this - if I say something to someone and did not mean any offense/harassment, did not consider it to be offensive/harassing - and someone else still wants to cry about it, then f-*ck them."

Hurting people accidentally and not caring at all. What is that level of lack of empathy and non-caring? Is that autism, or is it some kind of sociopathy or psychopathy?

You hurt me with you whining comment. See how being hurt can be subjective?

"See how being hurt can be subjective?"

Oh yes, that completely destroys my claim that being hurt is not subjective. I'd best go back and edit that out.

Oh, wait a second. It seems that I made no such claim and you've delivered a total non sequitur that has nothing at all to do with the topic at hand. I'm as astounded as you are, which is why I doubled-checked, but it came out the same; it seems that rather than read other people's comments, you're just guessing what they might have said.

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