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I don't think they'll back out of RF tech entirely. The best WiFi chipsets I've used in recent years have been Intel-vended, and they're broadly used.

On the other hand, I've been bitten by Broadcom WiFi chipsets too much recently -- two different laptops with different Broadcom chips having a variety of different connectivity problems. One of them would spontaneously drop the WiFi connection when doing a TCP streaming workload (downloading a large file via HTTP/HTTPS). Admittedly this was probably some kind of driver issue, but I wasn't excited about the prospect of using an out-of-tree driver on Linux to solve the problem (and that didn't help my Windows install either). I swapped the mini-PCIe boards out with some Intel wireless cards and they've been running perfectly since.

But of course, if the rest of the business suffers, they may have to make cuts all over the place. I just hope the WiFi stuff doesn't end up on the chopping block or the competition improves.

I also chose Intel over other vendors. I don't know why. It is true Intel's stuff is better intergrated better into the WinTel ecosystem than the others, so it's probably true Intel gear gave less trouble on my laptop.

But then I deployed lots of boxes with WiFi, that had to work in remote locations where others depended on it. I'm ashamed to say I just shipped the first couple with the Intel cards provided by manufacturer.

But after getting a lot of complaints I actually tested it. Which is to say I purchased all the makes and models of 10 WiFi mPCI cards I could find on eBay, collected as many random access points as I could and lots of laptops (over 50), put them all into a room and tested the network to collapse.

Intel's cards were the most expensive, and also the worst performing. They collapsed at around 13 laptops. The best 801.11ac cards were Atheros (now owned by Qualcomm), and they were also the cheapest. Broadcomm were about the middle, but I had the most driver problems with them.

My pre-conceived but untested notions were shattered.

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