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Another commenter (metildaa) said Intel is 5 years behind the competition on their 4G LTE technology.

I can't reconcile that claim with PC Magazine's tests of the iPhone XS's mobile performance: https://www.pcmag.com/news/364116/iphone-xs-crushes-x-in-lte...

The PC Mag author, Sascha Segan, says repeatedly that the iPhone XS at worst only slightly trails the Galaxy Note 9 and other high-end phones with 2018 Qualcomm SoCs. To quote directly:

> Between the three 4x4 MIMO phones, you can see that in good signal conditions, the Qualcomm-powered Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2 still do a bit better than the iPhone XS Max. But as signal gets weaker, the XS Max really competes, showing that it's well tuned.

> Let's zoom in on very weak signal results. At signal levels below -120dBm (where all phones flicker between zero and one bar of reception) the XS Max is competitive with the Qualcomm phones and far superior to the iPhone X, although the Qualcomm phones can eke out a little bit more from very weak signals.

We could say this is all Apple tuning the phone's antenna array and materials, but I find it extremely unlikely that would have compensated for "5 years" of Intel lag - back then LTE was several times slower in theory and practice.

We could also say this is just Apple giving Intel all the secrets of modems that Intel couldn't figure out themselves. That could be more plausible, but again I'm doubtful, since Apple would have little incentive to hoard those secrets and then loan them to Intel instead of using them to build their own chips. Unless of course Apple stole those secrets from Qualcomm or someone else...?

> Another commenter (metildaa) said Intel was 5 years behind the competition on their 4G LTE technology.

Why didn't you just reply to their comment?

They made the same claim in 2 separate comment threads and I was unsure which to reply to.



Ah, the many headed hydra joy of threaded discussions, chop off one head and four more appear!

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