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I'm now writing a blog post about my journey - 13kg less in less than 12 months.

The only 'diet hack' I used was replacing regular Coca Cola with Cola Zero (yeah, I know what it contains but 'this one little hack' made me stop gaining weight).

The other hack was to start jogging - for first couple weeks 3km, then 5km, now my regular route is ~7km (I've also ran 10km one time and made it under 1hour! :D ).

I tend to run at least 1 time per week, or as many as possible (due to family responsibilities 3 times is max).

While switching cola stopped me gaining weight, running made me loose it.

I've also started eating less fast-foods/sweets and more proteins (nothing fancy! e.g. homemade fried-egg burgers FTW! :) )

But the key I think to not be so strict about it - reminding yourself that you're "on diet" is the biggest pain I think.

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