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I use rg on a very large project (8.5 million LOC, 5.2G of files including the build). Searching with rg takes less than 2 seconds and I don't ever have to think about it. rg automatically handles not searching the build files and autogenerated files which often contain lots of matches but are never what I want to search. Additionally, rg has an excellent --vimgrep feature which makes it easy to integrate with the vim quickfix list.

Vanilla grep, meanwhile takes 30 seconds -- too long to search while maintaining flow.

For me, the whole thing _is_ that it is faster than grep. AFAIK, a lot of its speed is due to breaking compatibility with grep to allow for more convenient defaults (skip binary files by default, skip .gitignore by default, etc) which also happen to be faster. For me this is a clear win-win.

Also, I have an 8 core machine. To be waiting for a 30s search knowing 7 cores are doing nothing makes me sad.

maybe you never bothered giving to grep as input parameters the same 2 or 3 folders which are usually scanned? Anyway, I ignored grep is not multicore and wouldn't expect CPU to be the main bottleneck.

That's a good use case for a new tool. I might try the next time my greps take longer than 2 seconds.

P.D. May I ask which kind of project/tech has this ratio of LOC and size?

Some builds in this project are out-of-tree (the best practices cmake way with a separate build directory). Some are built in-tree (with json files, libraries, object files, LLVM ir files, and more scattered in the same directories as source code). I can't be bothered to spend the time to learn, write, debug, and maintain the correct grep invocation to do this. rg has saved me the 10 minutes it would take to do this, and 28 seconds * ~1000 grep invocations. I'm a very happy customer.

The project is a fork of LLVM. We're implementing compiler support for a new design for threading on x86.

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