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I've been thinking about a Teddy successor (which I suppose needs to be called "Taft").

Teddy is very much 'of its time' (SSSE3) and there are a lot of new approaches that seem interesting (AVX512 of Skylake generation, VBMI, Sunny Cove's even bigger slate of instructions, ARM NEON, SVE).

I also have better ideas about followup confirm than I used to. There are also some prospect to pick a 'fragment' out of the whole string within Teddy or equivalent at a position not strictly at its suffix - this can even be done with ordering preserved if you are careful not to make fragment choices that allow o-o-o matches (only possible if strings overlap).

I might do a bit of work on this, but I'm a bit jaded on string matching and regex matching after 13 years.

On the other hand, by now you probably have more fixed function hardware in your brain for string/regex matching than any other human alive.

What an unnerving concept! I think there are many more people with better algorithmic understanding of the problems. I am more of a 'bang on the problem with a stick until it kinda works' type meathead with a few cheesy SIMD tricks up my sleeve.

I am hoping to move on, but I admit I do have a "few more ideas" in that area - possibly even slightly less 'meatheaded' than previous outings. Maybe (although everything looks better on paper).

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