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Ask HN: How can ZFS benefit me?
2 points by nalzok 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
I'm an undergraduate in Statistics. I read some articles about how great ZFS is, but most of them mainly talk about data integrity. Of course that's important, but I didn't lose any data with the 256G SSD of my MacBook Pro for years anyway (I accidentally deleted some files once, but that's a human error).

I'm also not using RAID to store Zebibytes of data, and speaking of encryption and read/write efficiency, other filesystems can offer similiar fetures.

So, how can ZFS benefit me?

You didn't lose anything that you know about, but that's only because OSX cannot tell when something gets lost. If a single bit were flipped in one of your files, it might look like a typo, or single frame of video with a minor glitch, or it might be a program that crashed for no apparent reason.

I use ZFS, and there aren't errors all that often; only once in the last four years or so. ZFS was able to recover the data and give it to the application, and everything was fine. The only reason I know about it is that ZFS keeps a count of how often it happens on every drive in your system: not very often, but too often.

ZFS benefited you by inventing features that were later copied by the filesystem that you currently use.

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