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How much will remain nuclear by 2025 (despite nuclear not being renewable)? Estimates suggest 20% to 30%, but the article also suggests that new nuclear plants are not necessarily going to be built as previously slated. Even still, 50% renewable plus ~25% nuclear is a pretty good clean mix.

In the battle against climate change, nuclear = clean. I care about climate change an order of magnitude more than I do about nuclear waste disposal. Given this headline, as far as I’m concerned the ideal amount of nuclear in 2025 is 50%.

Totally agree. We’re also making significant progress on the waste that needs to be disposed. Gen-5 reactors that could be brought online in the 2030s, with sustained investment, could be closed cycle enough that waste may only need to be stored for a few hundred years. That’s short enough that we don’t need anything particularly special to store it.

Right. If they committed to nuclear in 2000, they'd probably already be at very low carbon: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2018/09/11...

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