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This is still my biggest problem. I'll still scarf down a 2LB steak and then regrets it.


Can you please elaborate on different methods you've used in the past (current) to help slow down your eating habits, please.

I had (have) the same problem. I have realized it is rooted in me eating in the kitchen, the second the dish is ready.

If I serve it in a plate, sit down on a table and eat it as I consume some media, then it helps slow down the eating process. Having a glass of water with me also helps. Similarly, eating lunch with coworkers is usually helpful to slowing down the eating process too.

One tip is to not wait until you're ravenous to start eating. Another is to try and savour each bite, noting the flavours, letting the fat melt in your mouth, etc. And finally, counting the number of times you chew each bite is supposed to be effective, if not tedious.

Me and my wife get her tablet in the kitchen and play a video of a game tournament on it while eating and discussing it.

It helped us enjoy our meals and eat slower.

Having a slight distraction while eating is IMO the key.

You can also try reading the book Joy of Half Cookie. It gives some practices in section two on how to eat more mindfuly

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