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How to replace ice cream?

My answer is I don’t. When I started paying closer attention to my diet, I realized that while cutting so many things out, I needed a mental release valve.

So ice cream gets a pass. I allow myself how ever much I want whenever I want.

So yeah, initially I found myself eating a pint occasionally. Or twice a day. But I also found myself feeling like crap afterwards. Since I’m paying more attention to my body’s signals, I noticed it where I wouldn’t have previously.

And magically, I eat less ice cream than I used to, in addition to all the other diet improvements I’ve made. Sure, I still throw back a big bowl occasionally when I feel the want, but usually not. And my other results have been good. Partly because i have this vice available. Which is, let’s face it, a pretty mild vice.

For us we started making ice cream at home. It didn't replace it, but by making it ourselves we were able to tune the recipe over time to be something that we enjoy, but slowly replace or reduce the things we didn't want. The recipe we make now is:

    0.5 c.    Cream
    1.5 c.    Milk
    0.5 c.    Sugar (or substitute; we use Splenda)
    1.0 pinch Salt
    0.5 tsp.  Vanilla
    Up to one cup of flavor
For flavor we just blend whatever we think will be good. Bananas are good, strawberries, raspberries. Most fruits are pretty good, but weakly flavored. A spoonful of sugar-free jelly helps add a little punch to the flavors.

We got a good deal on a Breville [1], but you can get by just fine with a ~$50 one and some experimenting.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Breville-BCI600XL-Smart-Scoop-Cream/d...

I don't know how you would replace ice cream. I still eat it--not too often, yet i still eat it.

Personally, I switched over to Voskos Greek Yogurt (Fig flavor [which they don't make anymore]). After getting used to that, I started eating other viscus yogurts and that helped me.

I'd suggest talking w/ a nutritionist if you're having difficulties finding substitutes to ice cream

Mix frozen bananas (the key for texture), some chia seeds, and frozen fruit in a blender.


And then ice cubes & artificial sweetener.

Eh, maybe upgrade to decent fruit based sorbet first.

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