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Will this be something like libretaxi?

http://libretaxi.org/ https://github.com/ro31337/libretaxi

Thanks for the link. I'm glad to see others working on this. I don't really like their cash/Bitcoin only strategy. Similarly for haggling for your fare. I think these two factors might be deal breakers for most users and drivers. I'll look more into their app though.

Austin has a nonprofit rideshare app formed after Uber and Lyft pulled out for regulator-related reasons which more closely clones their business model http://www.rideaustin.com/

I think the reality is such a project is less about the app and more about mobilising the drivers to join and sorting out various hurdles so they can safely and legally operate in a jurisdiction, especially if you're also taking payments on their behalf (that'll be the reason libretaxi uses cash). Doing that paperwork is a lot of man hours for somebody...

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