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Show HN: Messing with Telnet (jott.live)
76 points by bwasti 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 34 comments

Reminds me of SSHTron http://sshtron.zachlatta.com/

If it's still around (on an iPad and can't check at the moment) ...

  telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

See also:

    telnet telnetsnake.de 2325

    telnet milek7.pl

Thanks for posting those – I've never seen either of them before.

There's list here:

    lynx gopher://telnetgames.de

I'm getting "500 Internal Error"

Thanks for the blast from the past :)


  telnet telehack.com

Have you seen this (maps in over telnet)? Really awesome.


wow this is great! it uses the scroll wheel and mouse location. I had no idea the latter was possible - very inspiring

"Too many connections!"

Seems overloaded... show's what happens when you expose a simple server to Show HN!

Yea, it's certainly struggling. I don't know of any quick fixes, so I kicked off the service on more ports for now.

It doesn't seem to work with PuTTY, maybe its telnet defaults aren't what the code expects.

What aspects are broken?

Upon connecting you get only a blank window. All input seems to be ignored. I can verify via packet capture that the keystrokes are being sent from the client to the server with one key per packet. The server doesn't seem to send much of anything after the initial negotiation. If you wait a while (several minutes) it eventually sends the

   arrows to move
   keys to change letter
   space to stamp
instructions. But even then the rest of the window is blank and input is still ignored.

Since when does macOS not have telnet built in?

High Sierra, apparently.

Here some ideas to get it back, the most straighforward for home brewers being `brew install telnet` :


Thank you.

High Sierra if I’m not mistaken. FTP was also dropped

unrelated but this reminded me of my favourite telnet server: towel.blinkenlights.nl

If you have ipv6 then it plays in colour and has some extra scenes :)

That statement was always a lie:

    Well, the IPv6 version is exactly the same as the IPv4 one.
    The difference is in the visitors...

Any reason for the ip6 requirement? Can't imagine its technical.

Just to make reasons to move to ipv6

To encourage adoption maybe

Very cool! It can become an engine for playing board game online, which don't have critical timing requirements. Is it also possible for tui-based MMO?

> tui-based MMO

As in, a MUD [1]? There are still a few around.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD

There are several MUDs you can play from telnet or your browser on Grapevine.


Hey, I'm the developer behind Grapevine, thanks for the mention! If anyone is interested in how the Grapevine web client works, it's all open source and written in Elixir with the front end being React/Redux.

The main application: https://github.com/oestrich/grapevine

And the telnet connection pool node: https://github.com/oestrich/grapevine-telnet

A MUD is a text adventure - as in, requires lines of prose commands.

I believe a TUI MMO, in this sense, would be closer to a Roguelike or an action RPG, since it can process key presses directly without linebreaks.

Few months back, there was a story here at HN about someone writing just such game to be played over a SSH connection. There were huge problems with the fact that you cannot reliably detect when the user stops pressing a key.

IIRC, it was an action/arcade game, though, so it might be more tolerable for something not twitch-based.

i broke it. sorry man, was just trying to inject shit in to peoples title-bars up by injecting terminal codes.

Works but it is very slow.

Too many connections!..... Disconnected :-(

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