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For us, it's a few simple rules.

* Some TV only in the weekend (Tintin, Smurfs) and with daddy or mummy. It's a bit like Sunday cuddle time. One episode max. (about 30 minutes). * She is not allowed to grab the phone and 'scroll' herself. She can see photos about her that we send or receive. That's maybe 5 times a day. * She is allowed to grab the phone to use it as a phone (speak to family members).

The hardest, and what I am bad at, is to grab the phone myself when with her. For example scrolling Twitter while I feed her. I have to get better at that.

Occasionally, she might get a few hours of Tintin where we travel by car to France. The following days, seeing her constantly nagging for more TV reminds us how addictive that is, and how careful we have to be.

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