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"The best diet is the one you follow". This is preached by many people in the Fitness industry, body builders and profrssionals. I was a chubby teen, although I did a lot of sports. But I ate even more. Now I lost a lot of weight in last few months and I'm the leanest and strongest I've ever been. How?

The thing is, there is no diet required. A diet is nutrition for sick people. What most people need is a more healthy relationship to what they eat. Realizing the discrepancy between what your body needs vs. what you consume on a daily basis is a huge help. Initially I suggest to track their calories for a few weeks and then adjust your intake to serve your specific goals. After a few months you will have great intuition about the things you eat on a regular basis and don't need to track anything.

Weight is a simple game, if you want to loose weight, consume less calories than you burn. Do this over a long time and you will see progress. You always want to play the long-term game, so if you go out for dinner once in a while, enjoy yourself and don't agonize over your "diet". The progress is made in the little things you eat every day, not during a nice evening with friends.

Also, don't banish any macro nutrients, this will make your everyday nutrition harder. Eat lots of greens, some meat and fish, fruits, rice, pasta and potatoes, and an occasional donut or pizza.

It most definitely is possible to get a body builder physique on junk food. Called the iifym (if it fits your macros) method.

One of the people I follow in the fitness industry though has started that they did wish they had focused a bit more on micronutrition.

IIFYM may very well work for some individuals, as my post said: "be aware of what you eat and what your body needs". And junk food can fulfil the needs of very active individuals. But be careful when adapting diets from individuals with high amount of physical activity to someone with a sedentary job. This gets even more relevant, if recreational lifting isn't possible, as in OP's case.

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