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Design patterns in modern JavaScript development (gitconnected.com)
22 points by kiyanwang 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

From skimming this post, it seems a very short retelling of the classic gang of 4 patterns for very junior developers without any details specific for JS. I was really hoping to read the new JS patterns that have emerged out of new and shiny features of JS, like classes - last time I was seriously working with that language, "The Good Parts" was the best source of information and prototype inheritance was all the rage.

Also just skimmed it and concur; article barely delivers on its title, if at all.

Currently working with modern JS myself in context of Node (after a long hiatus that largely predates ES6), and the trend with frameworks in that space seems to be minimalism combined with composability. Guessing this is due in part to the whole microservices phenomenon in past years, or more probably developers just being fed up with monolithic frameworks in general.

Personally I think strict adherence to and/or overuse of most design patterns is itself an anti-pattern, though there are notable exceptions (namely observables, which constitute a cornerstone of event and reactive architectures).

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