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I am avoiding diets because they only end up with me gaining more weight further down the road.

Everyone remember the 'Biggest Loser' show? Turns out some researchers followed-up with a statistically- significant sample size of contestants, a little less than 200. About 93% re-gained their weight after the show (> 1yr) and of that 93%, half gained back MORE than they lost (around 10% more). The show gave contestants access to great food, exercise, trainers, diet counselling ... on a per-person basis this was thousands and thousands of dollars that most people can never afford to spend themselves - and STILL the outcome was ... gain more weight :-(

Edging closer and closer to the idea that the only choice now is surgery (scares the HECK out of me!)

The reason they failed is because they stopped. For some reason people expect doing something healthy to their body for a few weeks is going to outweigh the years of eating bad food that they will repeat doing after losing weight.

Just look here at this prime example:

"Researchers followed 14 of the contestants from season 8 of The Biggest Loser, including the winner, Danny Cahill, for six years after the show ended. Thirteen of the 14 regained some of the weight back, and four of those gained back what they had lost – and more."

Imagine what would have happened to that person if he didn't go to the biggest loser and just ate the same unhealthy food for 6 years? Do you think he wouldn't have gained 10% more weight? It wouldn't make headlines if he did.

[0] https://people.com/bodies/the-biggest-loser-contestants-perm...

I’ve just been reading an interesting book that touches on this, it seems we have a set point that we naturally head back to. It can be reset but it isn’t easy.


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