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Quick scan through lobsters's source code (localhostdotdev.com)
59 points by localhostdotdev 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

This is a cool overview! One suggestion: if you want your links into the Github source to point to the same code in the future, you should change `.../blob/master/...` in all your links to `.../blob/a7cc60b902a2ad3e39f75ae9b4c3ef08712fc171/...` (I just picked the latest commit).

And you can press “y” to get that automatically when viewing a file on Github!

cool trick!

I actually like master links better, they will at least try to be up-to-date instead of always behind. this could be discussed in a PR if you care

I've been lurking on lobsters for some time now, I love it as a secondary layer to checking HN. I use laarc in a similar manner as well. Never seeked out an invite to post on it though.

Having tiers of popularity to the content you consume is important to me. It allows you to take in smaller and more meaningful input from people you are at least familiar with their names (and possibly personalities,) and allows you to inject your viewpoint on something just the same.

Edit: thanks for the invite!

Interesting note on PostgreSQL. I had tried to make it work before but had assumed it was a failure in my setup and I planned on going back to it.

Oh well. :(

I removed it but I think quite a few people (including me) tried to make it work with postgres (I did a lazy attempt where the search doesn't work)


I found another more modified version here: https://github.com/pyk/0xblockchain

They claim to be using PostgreSQL in production, certain irony that (at time of writing) their site is down. :(

Why is reading my source code on the front page of HN? Oh, wait, never mind.

you're labster

I was expecting to read about mapping crustaceans connectome here.

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