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James_Owens_69 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Firefox's fascist leadership has previously decided to make sideloading all but impossible to """protect us""". It's clear that it was a plain powerplay.

Here are the official installation instructions for dissenter for firefox

1 Download the extension and unzip it. Find "dissenter_extension_firefox_v015" folder.

2 Go to about:addons in the URL bar.

3 Find the small gear icon within the Addons page. Click it the gear button. Find "Debug Add-ons" from the dropdown menu. Select that option in order to navigate to this page: about:debugging#addons.

4 Click on the "Load Temporary Add-on..." button in the top right of the extensions page.

5 After clicking "Load Temporary Add-on...", the file opener opens, select the extension's manifest.json file within the "dissenter_extension_chrome_v015" folder, then click "Open".

Ah, classic left. Not a surprise.

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