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> even better find one someone has already written.

Alas, that never really works with multi account setups. Its sometimes useful for seeing which magic line one is missing, but the level of incorrect boilerplate out there on github is staggering.

I have multi account code pipeline/Cloud Formation setups for deploying lambdas and related resources. Once I got the hang of it (with a lot of help from AWS support admittedly), it’s not that bad.

I probably could have figured it out, but why bother when we are paying for the business support plan?

Funny, I was just talking to an experimental quantum physicist today and one of the other people there asked him, doesn't the complexity just make your head spin? He said, "no, once you get the hang of it and you are dealing with it every day, it's not that bad.

Oh I completely agree. I felt completely incompetent when it came to AWS 18 months ago. But now with a lot of studying for 5 certifications (just as an organized company paid study plan), a lot of late nights beating my head on my desk, some green field initiatives, and abuse of our business support plan with AWS’s excellent live chat support,I’m pretty comfortable with most of the non obscure parts Of AWS outside of the Docker and Big Data/ML parts. I’ll be working on those over the next year.

I personally “grew up” while AWS was born and grew and have been slowly exposed to most of the services as they were released / enhanced.

I agree that It can be confusing as f for a newcomer. This is definitely an opportunity for training courses/labs/moocs to figure out how to make the learning curve less steep.

hah. not github. most services have cloudformation snippets in the aws docs. they mostly work.

also, compared to terraform, cloudformation is state-of-the-art when it comes to actually bringing shit up

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