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Show HN: Web App Generators for React, Angular, Vue, SQL, MongoDB or Firestore (scaffoldhub.io)
53 points by fpastore 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

I hope this works out for the OP. It looks nice.


Can anyone recommend other skeleton/generators/demo-apps which include DB & authentication & backend ?

Not exactly what you meant, but I’ve been working on the F#/Giraffe server generator for the OpenAPI generator project.

Write your OpenAPI Schema and run it through generators for the server/DB/client It won’t give you a frontend, but I do believe there are libraries out there to do so for React/Vue.

My fork is @ https://github.com/nmfisher/openapi-generator and you can follow the links back to the original project.

Maybe check out JHipster: https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster (it has admin and user roles only https://www.jhipster.tech/security/ )

Oh wonderful. I mean like perfect for me.

At least let me download a simple generated demo for me to see. Instead of forcing me to signup to have my email, forget about getting money from it. You just owe me my email and i feel very bad about it, i feel cheated)

Seeing is believing.

More than that, i'm having similar functionalities like yours, but with realtime data/views, SSR/static views, fully SPA.

If someone's interested, i could easily bundle for users to generate, too.

Thanks for your input, but just like any template website like https://wrapbootstrap.com/ I think is fair to ask for money for your work..

Unfortunately I need the email because I need to relate the credits that you buy to your account somehow.

You can see the Live Demos and the youtube videos of the website before you buy or even sign up.

Yes. I am interested. Drop me an email on D-3rxinl11ww360ywb6x@maildrop.cc (anonymous, temporary email. only i can read your messages)

But I understand the OP. He needs to get paid.

Do you plan to write some type of integration with common frameworks (Django, RoR, etc...) in order to be able to skip the entire process of creating entities, relationships, fields, validations and so on (because a team of developers would normally spend quite some time doing exactly that on the backend, it seems like a huge waste of time repeating this work just to scaffold a SPA).

Also, who is this oriented to?

This is oriented to javascript developers..

The generator generates the entire app, frontend (React, Vue or Angular) and backend (NodeJS) + SQL w/ Sequelize, MongoDB w/ Mongoose or Firebase Firestore.

Unfortunately it's not prepared yet for incremental development (the generator generates the complete app all at once)

I think that's a great idea and a I plan to develop for other languages and frameworks too.

Thanks for the input

After creating a category I still can't select it when creating a product.

Did you try searching for it? It's an autocomplete field. Had me confused as well, the cursor looks like it's a dropdown.

Yes I tried entered text in the input field

I'm using the React version, I liked how the code is organized

I already used it in two works, I really liked the tool and recommend it.

Feel free to email me with any questions: felipe@scaffoldhub.io. Thanks!

This is what's showing up for me now [1]

[1] https://ibb.co/7NR1Dwm

I had a little problem with the server, but it's fixed now, sorry about that

It’s down for me

I had a little problem with the server, but it's fixed now, sorry about that

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