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By the way who really uses fora as the plural of forum? To me it seems at best arbitrary, at worst pretentious.

Pretension and grammar-Nazism are the virii of online communication.

You must mean pretentiousness, surely.

"Pretension and grammar-Nazism": in this phrase, the first part is honeycomb, and the second is a bear-trap.

Have a nice day.

I see what you did there.

Wait, you mean viruses? :)

I'm sorry, next time I'll uses "forumses". Damn ecomony got all these morans backs up!

You're implying that fora is the only acceptable way of writing the plural of "forum". That's nonsense, forums is perfectly valid English. My point was: why forum/fora? Why not creditor/creditores, or abdomen/abdomina?

I'm honestly not sure. Perhaps this topic would be more appropriate for a linguistics forum?

The same people who say "mouses" instead of "mice."

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