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Here at Pulumi, this is something we are working hard on!

For all the many benefits we've seen with Infrastructure as Code to date, the tools are still fairly primitive - copy/paste is the norm for reuse, testing is rare or non-existant, productivity during infrastructure development is low, continuous integration and delivery are largely ad-hoc, and there are very few higher-level libraries available to abstract away the complex details of today's modern cloud platforms. Net - it feels like we're still programming cloud infrastructure at the assembly-language level.

I'm really excited about the opportunity to bring more software engineering rigor into the infrastructure as code space. At Pulumi we believe using existing programming languages is a key enabler of this. Pulumi is still a desired state model like other Infrastructure as Code offerings (so you can still preview changes and make minimal deltas to existing infrastructure) - but you can write code to construct that desired state. As a result, you get for loops and conditionals, you get types and error checking, you get IDE productivity tooling, you can create abstractions and interfaces around components, you can write tests, you can confidently refactor you infrastructure code, you can deliver and version components via robust package managers, and you can integrate naturally into CI/CD workflows.

Pulumi isn't the only tool in this space - we're seeing things like Atomist bringing this same model to delivery pipelines, and AWS CDK bringing this model to the CloudFormation space. I'm excited about where these tools will take the Infrastructure as Code ecosystem in the coming years.

[disclaimer - CTO at https://pulumi.io so clearly biased on this topic :-)]

Pulumi definitely looks very nice and I hope you manage to get some traction in the k8s space. The amount of stacked tooling (like skaffold) currently being used in that space is papering over the real issue that raw YAML simply isn't working.

So good luck to you!

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